【Brief introduction of maritime long distance swimming】

Nearly several times, on the large-scale of long distance swimming activity, ' Taiwan Wisdom Action Aspirant Water Life Saving Association ' (hereafter referred as ' this association ') aim that all educate in line with popularizing the whole people's lifesaving, which response from every sponsor to popularize swimming and health to the whole people, and a group becoming the number of people at most and participating in, and through the careful and rigorous planning in advance, and do declaring leading and request of group's discipline to the group member, it enable every participant to go out, and return after thoroughly enjoying oneself happily. The main principle which this association grasps on the large-scale head's swimming activity is as follows:
(1) Before entering the water, should clarify the situation first, and organized into teams properly
At least one day before entering the water, the list of ' organize into teams and line up in order ', and there are team leader, vice team leader, lifesaving coach, and several members in each team. Due to some of the people in every team which participates in long swimming, can not swim very well, to these friends who are keen to participate in this grand occasion, we should ensure them in the most safe condition with joyful mood to reach the destination. So, there are a serial number for each team, with a large team flag, and fasten the team flag on the special made tire and towing by team leader, as the spiritual index and identify of the team, so long as other team members regard flag as the specific goal to go forward. Besides the team leader to leading, there are other two vice team leaders to be responsible for each half team’s safety. The most close one is, next to each team, we have arranged four to five qualified lifesaving coaches, follow in both sides to giving protect , also encourage and look after every team member, and be ready at any time for any incident happens.

(2) During water activity, be able to respond when emergency occur
After entering the water, every team member or coach are following the team leaders, should all organize into teams according to the relevant position and task that are assigned oneself, follow order on it submit to group leader, everything by team it attach most importance to safely, do not act willfully alone. ' The team leader ' is responsible for the team flag of the traction to advance, let team members have basis of direction of advance; ' the vice team leader ' responsible to tow the people which can not swim very well; and all protects by ' the lifesaving coach ', a state with any, report to the team leader at once, and deal with immediately; ' the team members ' should take care each other at any time, stay with each others mutual sight, once find that other team members have states, call for help immediately ask lifesaving coach to deals with, but to the team member never trained by the lifesaving, can't attempt to enter water and rescue people definitely.
And when participate in the similar long distance swimming activity by ' oneself ', must observe all regulations related to security; Don't enter the water with an effort when satiate or too hungry , uncomfortable; When feel very cold in water , the body has phenomenon of trembling , should arrange to debark at once, keep warm and report to the team leader; Do not acting alone, advance with the team together, and debark with team together; Do not flaunt the superiority and show off , bet or instigate others to make dangerous behavior, reject advise, pretend to be dead, false to call for help etc. If are without permit, do not dive under water or touch the bottom at will , especially the water areas not good of visibility, mustn't separate from the team and dive under water easily ; Do not touch any organism in water at all, either protect ecology, or prevent the water organism from injure.


(3) After debarking , should restore to the original state as soon as possible
After debarking, ' call the roll ' immediately, to ensure that the whole team has safely debarked, and according to the apparatus or the form of equiping, tidy up all apparatus or used equipment, make sure not to forget the equipment or the incidental in the nature, cause pollution.
Taiwan Wisdom Action Aspirant Water Life Saving Association, participate in the long distance swimming activity on every event, determined go so far to participate in, not competing on speed; Determined to learn naturally, is not immersing oneself in trying to be the first to win. The most important thing is, this association encourages the whole people to participate in the long distance swimming activity on the healthy and meaningful event, arrange the activity in the most safe way environment, let men and women, old and young, the whole of family, can lead family dependent, gather a group of friends, participate in this safety outdoor water activity together, hope various circles of society and each swim group can come respond and participation in a more cost-effective manner together too.