【Lifesaving Education for the People】

"Lifesaving is a more ambitious job than surviving” This is the basic belief that support the establishment of Taiwan Wisdom Action Aspirant Life Saving & Swimming Association (TWAALSSA). Nowadays, people make efforts on food, clothing, housing and transportation to survive, but not too many people understand the idea and the importance of lifesaving. Most people act on their needs to survive instead of working on the ambition of lifesaving. TWAAWLSA is founded in order to promote lifesaving education and help Taiwanese live their lives to the fullest on this lifesaving stage of ambition.
Some of the pioneers in lifesaving devote themselves to this honorable career after the drowning accident of their friends or relatives. However, we hope to prepare in advance and promote lifesaving education to the general public, so that everyone is equipped with the concept and skills of saving himself and others. In fact, lifesaving means much more than saving drowning people. Now Taiwan is advanced in technology and full of capable people in many fields. But as a whole, the spiritual life and mental power of Taiwanese do not grow in correspondence. More and more people are suffered by depression and commit suicide. This is the main reason why we must promote lifesaving education fast and efficiently.
"You don't have a real life unless you have your own stage." Therefore, we must build an ambitious stage of lifesaving in addition to the existing walks of life. As advised by ancient Chinese sages, if we learn from a higher role model, we can learn at least half of his spirits and ability. After putting what we learned into practice, we did realized that once a person learns lifesaving skills, he won't casually give up life and will positively protect life. A lifesaving trainee can feel how the drowning people struggle to live by their heart, therefore he treasures life and respects life much more than ever. Even if a trainee doesn't have the chance to save others' lives, at least he has already saved himself.
Taiwan﹑Penghu﹑Kinmen and Mazhu are all islands where are good locations for aquatic sports and activities. Therefore, promoting water lifesaving to become a national activity has been an urgent and important task. What's more, lifesaving is a good activity for all ages and both sexes. Young people can demonstrate standard movements with their strong bodies while the elders can share their lifesaving concept with their eloquence. Parents can take the lead and set good examples for their children in accepting lifesaving education. Lifesaving is unconditional and undiscriminating. We must entitle every willing learner with the right to accept the sufficient training.