"Wisdom Action Lifesaving & Peace Angels" Introduction

“Wisdom Action Lifesaving & Peace Angels” Introduction “Once everyone learned rescue, he wouldn’t commit suicide at will, and could protect life anytime.” The ability to “swim” is different from the ability to “rescue”. However, anyone with the abilityto “rescue” can definitely “swim”. If the person with swimming ability has never learned the knowledge andtechnique of lifesaving and rescue, he or she is also likely to suffer from the incidence of drowning. To ensure water safety for children, adults, and seniors, proper water lifesaving education is necessary for everyone.
Over the past decade, aquatic activities have become much more popular in Taiwan due to its multiple physical and mental health benefits.As the popularity of aquatic activities rises, proper water lifesaving education is essential to prevent accidents and disasters. Dr. Lin Chen-Tsai, Honorary President of “Taiwan Wisdom Action Aspirant Life Saving & Swimming Association” (TWALSA), inspires all the aspirants of TWALSA through his experience that “Once everyone learned rescue, he wouldn’t commit suicide at will, and could protect life anytime.” He particularly emphasizes that the respect and love for our lives is the foundation of lifesaving.
As the interaction and communication between numerous countries in the world increased considerably in the 21st Century, lifesaving has become widely recognized as a universal supreme value. “Lifesaving is beyond boundaries and borders!” All aspirants of TWALSA deeply believe that “Somebody getting drowned is as if we ourselves get drowned.” With the feeling of gratitude for the society, the aspirants are highly involved and active at schools and communities to promote the lifesaving knowledge and skills, including self-survival and water rescue.
In order to promote lifesaving more effectively and efficiently, “Wisdom Action Lifesaving & Peace Angels” was founded and born in 2006,as the only team of young rescuers and lifesaving performers. Wisdom Action Lifesaving & Peace Angels is a team of 50 children aged 6 to 15, who are skilled in basic and advanced rescue skills. Five days a week, these Lifesaving & Peace Angels practice various skills for self-survival and water rescue.
Wisdom Action Lifesaving & Peace Angels has been invited to demonstrate water lifesaving skills at hundreds of public and private events, including the governmental rescue exercises, the government-sponsored swimming programs, the national swimming championships and the university sports days. These Lifesaving & Peace Angels show their outstanding skills and high spirits through performances, gaining the earnest applause and feedback from the audience.
In August 2012, Wisdom Action Lifesaving & Peace Angels was invited to perform lifesaving demonstration in the 14th China National Lifesaving Championships at Beijing Water Cube Aquatic Center. The audience and the lifesaving swimmers and coaches, which exceeded 3000 people, were all surprised at the various and skillful performance. The lifesaving coaches from all provinces of China expressed that they were inspired to promote lifesaving education for the children and teenagers by the Lifesaving Angels coming from Taiwan. The General Secretary of China, Hu Jin-Tao, transmitted his thanks and blessing to these Lifesaving Angels through the CCP Taiwan Affairs Office.
In November 2012, the “RESCUE 2012” (Life Saving World Championships) was held in Adelaide, Australia. Taiwan Wisdom Action Lifesaving & Peace Angels was invited to be aquatic volunteers and performed good spirits and high techniques between the events in the pool. The Chairman of RESCUE 2012, RickWright, and the President of Surf Life Saving Australia, Graham Ford, conferred together the appreciation letter to these Lifesaving Angels for their voluntary assistance. The official website of Facebook of RESCUE 2012 substantially reported the voluntary services of the Lifesaving Angels coming from Taiwan.
Lifesaving is beyond race, religion, culture, and boundary; it represents philanthropy and humanity. Lifesaving is worth promoting with all our lifelong efforts. The Wisdom Action Lifesaving & Peace Angels sets the goals of demonstrating self-survival and water rescue skills all over the world,promoting lifesaving to all who require it, and being a witness of well-trained and life-adoring rescuer. The Wisdom Action Lifesaving & Peace Angels will overcome any barriers to continue performing lifesaving and spreading love,hope, and peace to all over the world.