【Future Perspectives of TWAAWLSA】

1. Continuous promotion on water lifesaving education for every school’s teacher and students
Starting from 2005, TWAAWLSA is going all out on domestic lifesavingpromotion to support government policies on swimming courses. We integrate and utilize the local sources and train the willing parents, teachers and students to become “primary lifeguards” and encourage them to accept advanced trainings. Every citizen will be able to experience the training and get the pleasure of lifesaving. We hope to share the sweet fruit of life to people all over Taiwan, Ponhu, Kinmen and Mazhu.
For example, the TWAAWLSA lifesaving instructors were invited by Wu-han and Kau-yuan Elementary School tooffer free lectures on lifesaving concepts and free courses of swimming pools to train thebasic self-saving skills. 60 hours of courses were evenly provided every Tuesday and Friday during May 6 to June 3, with the hearty welcome of the teachers and students. The promotion of the lifesaving education has been highly evaluated, and is indeed a necessary and urgent effort to make.
Before long, we go on to release information to public and private schools through localEducation Bureaus to provide a free 90-minute lifesaving courses or a 9-hour basic self-saving skill training. We have been encouraged with passionate responses. Nearly a hundred schools registered for lifesaving courses and dozens for self-saving skill training. The numbers are still on the rise. Obviously, lifesaving education is badly needed by the general public, and promotion on lifesaving proves to be a long-term goal for all citizens.
2. To promote lifesaving education among every large, medium and small enterprises
In the past, high criteria were set for lifesaving training courses. Only strong, energetic people with good swimming skills are qualified to accept thetraining. The difficulty in promoting lifesaving education resulted in the deaths caused by drowning. The number of deaths caused by drowning in Taiwan has outnumbered that of many other countries all over the world. It is such a pity because lives are valueless. The lifesaving instructors in TWAAWLSA therefore devote themselves to lifesaving education with the spirit of “you drown as if I drown”, in hope of feeding back to the society by promoting lifesaving education to become a popular activity for all the people. The ultimate goal of TWAAWLSA has been upgrading Taiwan’s lifesaving education to the world’s high level.
Greek philosopher Archimedes once said: “Give me a place to stand on, and I can move the Earth.” Similarly, to create the best performance possible, a business must find the supporting point outside itself.For the present, working people put an emphasis on many kinds of humanity studies and general education other than professional courses. Lifesaving education, however, is different from other education. It can build a learning stage for employees outside the company. And through the lifesaving course coined with expertise, love and patience, employees become progressive and the business owners have shifted the cost of trials and errors made by employees.
A business, like an organism, is able to operate smoothly under the condition that every employee fully cooperates with one another. The work distribution depends on professional knowledge and training, but the spirit of cooperation can be lifted with lifesaving training and education. Chinese old sagesonce said, “Being a good worker is better than being a good reader; being a good person is better than being a good worker, being a good coworker is better than being a good person.” The above words emphasized the importance of team-work. The principals in lifesaving education such as “save oneself, survive and save others” and “group lifesaving superior to individual lifesaving, on-shore lifesaving superior to in-water lifesaving, lifesaving with equipment superior to empty-handed lifesaving” can really cultivate trainees’ group spirits and the ability to cooperate each other in addition to their professional skills. Lifesaving education is indeed an effective way of cultivating employees’ “quality of success” other than their professional skills. As long as a business is composed of great employees, it will not be a problem to get high performance.
Therefore, providing employees with proper lifesaving education has many advantages, including building a positive image for the business and improving its visibility. It is regarded as the highest value to save a life. Lifesaving education needs your support, and the welfare of all people needs your involvement. Please feedback our society with your concern, and join the lifesaving enterprise altogether.